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Babies are admitted into this group from 3 months. The baby must also meet all necessary medical requirements. Parents are also encouraged to register their babies a year or months before the resumption date.
The children must have turned 2 years and over at the beginning of the new academic year ( by September ) to be admitted into this group. They should also meet all health requirements.
The children must have turned 3 years and over before September of the new academic year to be admitted into this group..
To be admitted into grade one, children must be 5years or 5years and over. Also for grades 2 - 6, children must attain the appropriate ages. Admission into this group also depends on successful performance in our entry tests. Parents follow up admission by completing registration forms either online or in the school's administration office. Application forms are sold in the School's administration office.
To be admitted into class JSS and SS; children must have finished grade school and be qualified.


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